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plastic extruder head for wire/cable extrusion line
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Location Jiangsu Pubdate: 2017-07-11
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Product Details

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1.          CCV power cable extrusion mould 

2.          Extruder accessory parts(crosshead clamp,cartridge, breaker plate, heater,  thermocouple,etc)

3.          Stranded wire mould

4.          PTFE teflon extrusion head

5.          U7 series extrusion head

6.          U14 series extrusion head

7.          U30 series extrusion head

8.          U50 series extrusion head

9.          150mm cable extrusion head

10.       Low-smoke Non-halogen extrusion head

11.       Ajustable multi layer crosshead

12.       Manul centering crosshead

13.       Flat cable extrusion head

14.       Wire drawing dies

15.       Extrusion dies/moulds

16.       Pipe extrusion head


About us---Kunshan Yishida Mould Machinery Co.,Ltd

1.we have established in 1998 and has almost 20years experience in this field.

2.We can produce cable diameter range from 0.24mm-200mm

3.We produce hundreds of machine heads,such as free adjustable,adjustable,single-layer,double-layer co-extrusion,three-layer co-extrusion,flat wire,high temperature wire extrusion head.etc.

4.We have introduced several sets of domestic advanced five-axis CNC machining centers and CNC laths and other professional production exquipments.

5. we have exported to Russia, Australia, Czech Republic,Uzbekistan,Kazakhstan,USA, Columbia,Turkey,etc till now

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