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Tunnel Quick Freeze Machine |Flash Freezing Equipment
Brand: Specification: WDSX500
Location Shandong Pubdate: 2017-07-12
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Product Details

Tunnel Quick Freeze Machine adopts environment friendly and high efficient compressor and refrigerant R717R22, low noise.
Tunnel Quick Freeze Machine is an efficient impingement mesh belt tunnel quick-freezing device
Due to vertically upward cold-blast air of higher velocity in freeze tunnel with the unique air ducting to achieve a uniform air distribution, unfrozen food material like fries, chips and fresh vegetable is fully exposed in the strong cold air.
There are independent pulse vibration devices under the belt mesh, so the mesh space is not block with frost, less wind resistance reducer, much stronger cold air flow smoothly. Also freezing materials will become into individual frozen food without agglomerate and sticks.
Tunnel Quick Freeze Machine Has realized the full fluidization individual quick-freezing process of rapid frozen and improved the freezing production.

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