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Apron feeder
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Product Details

 The Working Principle:

Apron feeder is a kind of conveyor, which uses the link chain as the traction. The trough plate loading materials is set on the link chain. The sprocket wheel is set on the transmission shaft.  The transmission shaft and hollow shaft of reducer are linked together through the locking disk. The sprocket wheel is forced to run when the apron feeder operates. In general, the apron feeder is installed under the storage silo. When the link plate is running, the materials will continuously move to the trough plate of link chain. The purpose of conveying materials could be realized.

General Introduction:

The apron feeder is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, coal and chemical industry. The apron feeder has three series: heavy series, middle series, and light series. According to the strength of materials, working capacity of machine, the pressure of storage silo, and volume-weight of materials, we would choose the different series of apron feeder. In this way, the materials with multi-granularity and volume-weight could be transported to various receiving device. The main structures of apron feeder consists of actuating device, transmission shaft device, tensioning shaft device, thrust wheel, chain plate device and machine frame.

Working Capacity: 60-1100t/h

Feeding Granularity500-1500mm

Motor Power11-45KW

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