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Made in China oxalic acid in bulk price
Brand: TJCYINT Specification:
Location Shanxi/山西 Pubdate: 2017-09-02
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Product Details

Formula             :     (COOH)2  2H2O

CAS NO.           :      6153 - 56 – 6 / 144 – 62 - 7
Appearance     :     White crystal & powder; free flowing.
Uses                  :      Purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry, special in antibiotic medication, such as Oxytetracycline , Chloramphenicol , etc; Precipitating agent in Rare-earth mineral processing;
Bleaching agent in the textile activities, wood pulp bleaching; Rust-remover for Metal treatment;
Grinding agent, such as Marble polishing;Waste water treatment, removing calcium from water.
Packing      :          In 25 kgs net Polywoven Bag , inner with PE bag ; In 25 kgs net Single Ply Polyethylene Bag , inner with PE bag;In 25 kgs net Kraft Paper Compounded bag , inner with PE bag ; In 300, 500, 1000 kgs jumbo bag are available.
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