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Golden Flight Level Wristbands
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 Golden Flight Level, shortened as GFL,founded in 1976, the name of the international Winter Tournament for Air traffic controllers from Europe and overseas. The designer incorporated the theme into the design of cheap rubber wristbands, so, we can see these Golden Flight Level Wristbands were covered with many styles of skiers shape by printed technique, looked vivid and lively. Then, the name of the Championship with the hold place were both printed on these Golden Flight Level Wristbands by white ink. There is also a slogon ”Life is about moments:create them in Sochi!” was printed on the inner ring of these Golden Flight Level Wristbands, that enriched the content of this batch of custom silicone wristbands well. In particular, these awesome wristbands are swirled color, give people a gorgeous feeling. Do you want to own such cheap custom wristbands? GSJJ will help you to realize.


Custom wristbands Size: “8*1/2"


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: Swirled, printed with one color wristbands

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