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BM Baseball Trading Pins
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 BM Baseball Trading Pins is custom-made for a baseball game, which were used the blue-black background. Baseball bats were filled with orange and the raised areas are a metallic color plated with silver. It belongs to soft enamel Baseball Pins with silkscreen craft. The region below the star pattern used the soft enamel, silk screen, and epoxy to combine. The general shape of the part is the soft enamel process, while the letters are printed by the silk screen process. In order to protect the screen printing process, the factory added epoxy in the area. Buying sophisticated custom pins of course to the GS-JJ, we guarantee the lowest price and quality of service.

Size: 1.5"
Thickness: 1.2mm
Style: Soft enamel pins
Attachments: Butterfly clutch
Packaging: Individual Polybag
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