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    Gelaili is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of water pump and water pump system,Gelaili products are mainly used in heating,refrigeration and air conditioning technology,water supply and sewage treatment and other fields.Centrifugal water pump is always our flag product,it is a high effecient and widely being used product. the feature is the pump works very safely,stable and long service life,requires small intall area,save the room for it.
The centrifugal pump can be used in fire security, water supply, air conditioning circulation system,aquarium water pump,transfer chilling water,dirty water pump,water treatment at home residence,hotel,restaurant,office building and so on.
Our pumps are very good quality and multiple choose,we integrated a full range of product development, designing, production, sales and services into a whole.You can trust us and choose our products,we will service you from top to tail.
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