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    As one filtration specialist, Shanghai INDRO industrial filtration group is with more than more than 20 years experiences in the filtration filed. INDRO filtration technology team includes 30 R&D engineers. We have more than 1000 skilled workers in our filter workshop.
With above big support, we ensure our filtration products with good quality and good delivery time.
Shanghai Indro Industry Co., Ltd and Shanghai Filterworkshop Co., Ltd are manufacturer and suppliers of a widely range of industrial filtration products and services relating to filtration technology.
INDRO filter workshop makes and supply filter elements: dust collector filter bags, filter bag cages, liquid filter bags, liquid filter housing, liquid filter cartridges and related filter elements and accessories.
INDRO filter machinery division makes and supply filter equipments of dust collector filter bags and liquid filter bags: automatic filter bag sewing machines, automatic filter bag welding machines, automatic filter fabric cutting machines, filter bag top and bottom sewing machines, filter bag bottom cutting machines, filter bag snap band cutting machines, filter bag snap band strip cutting machines, filter cloth zip zip sewing machines(connecting filter cloth); filter bag welder and stitching machines, liquid filter cartridges machines.
INDRO service customers in the most diverse industrial branches- and this world-wide, such as North America, South America, European, South East Asia and other area etc.
INDRO offers professional dust collection filtration solutions for customers in industry of steel, chemical, waste incineration, cement, construction material, thermoelectricity and other industry. INDRO specially produces polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, aramid, pps, ptfe, fiberglass dust collector filter bags, filter bag cages, wire basket and related replacements of dust collector bag house.
INDRO offers professional liquid filtration solutions and makes different micron rating of PE/PP felt, PA/NMO mesh filter bags for customers in electronics, semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages, advanced coatings & photo emulsions, paints & coatings, paper industry, automobile manufacturing, Ink printing, resins, chemical processing, oil & gas, water treatment, aquarium filtration, swimming pool filtration and other industry.
Shanghai INDRO INDUSTRIAL filtration group supports “The Belt and Road” Globalization of trade policy, we expect cooperation with all friends from different countries of the world in the filtration. Let us protect the environment and build more beautiful earth together!
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