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    Our Company“POWER JACK ELECTRIC CO., LTD.” is major in power inverter and Solar Panel System products, design center is in Taiwan and factory located in China. We have warehouses in USA, UK, DE, and AU, the major products are power inverter of DC 12V TO 240V POWER CONVERTER, DC 24V to 240v power INVERTER, and DC 48V to 240V inverter , grid tie inverter, solar controller, battery charger, UPS INVERTER, ATS SOLAR INVERTER, etc. All the stocks are in U.K, Germany warehouse,no tax to U.K, 5-7 Days arrive to your place, one year warranty for POWER JACK INVERTER.
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Location: Guangdong·
Address: Floor 5 No.72 Fusheng Road
Contact person: Arrina Wang
TEL 076983203808
Website: http://www.thechinamade.com/uhome-1762
Register Date: 2017-12-14
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