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123fbi (china) Co., Ltd is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of spy and anti-spyware technology companies. We provide spyware and anti-spyware products for various parts of the world (various, camouflage, videotaping, drones, micro-recording, micro-telescope, global GPS tracking, car remote control clones, car universal remote control, various unlocking devices , Car jammers, cell phone jammers, gps jammers, wifi jammers, prison jammers, car jammers, cell phone detectors and cell phone signal boosters, etc.).
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Location: shenzhen·Fu Tian Qu
Address: shenzhen
Contact person: 40
TEL 17375618881
Zip: 518000
Website: http://123fbi.com |  http://www.thechinamade.com/uhome-1843
Register Date: 2018-10-26
Contact Online: MSN online