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    Established in 2018, Shenzhen Spicegirl siliocne product Co.,Ltd is specialized in silicone sex doll. <br><br>Our dolls are carefully hand-crafted, made of a metal skeleton covered in silicone TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), a silicone derivative, and able to move in a real life-like manner. Our product materials are safe for humans as well environmentally-friendly. <br><br>At Spicegirl Dolls, we pride ourselves in honesty and integrity from both the buyer and seller perspective. Our customer's experience is of upmost importance and our relationship is always of a confidential and discreet nature from your initial ordering process to delivery to the final destination. Our promise to our customers is open and honest communication to ensure 100% customer satisfaction on every level, where no judgement is ever passed between vendor and customer.
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Location: Guangdong·
Address: Xixiang,Baoan,Shenzhen
Contact person: Spice Qin
TEL 13652417643
Website: https://www.spicegirldoll.com/ |  http://www.thechinamade.com/uhome-1845
Register Date: 2018-11-01
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