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    Shanghai Anson Electric Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2003, after more than 10 years development, it has been grown to be a professional manufacturer & distributor of a wide variety of industrial control and protective devices, weatherproof industrial switchgears, surface switches, combination switched sockets, power distribution boards, electrical enclosures, MCBs, MCCBs, AC contactors, relays and control components.

Anson enjoyed a very good reputation from our customers around the world by offering a variety of quality industrial control, protective and connection products.

As a manufacturing company certified by ISO9001, our main products approved by CE, SAA, Anson electric regarded the quality, customer’s 100% satisfaction as our philosophy.

We guarantee you extremely high quality, reliability, safety, innovative drive, proximity and performance to the market and sustainability in our business are the qualities that single our brand out, this guarantee is one of the main reasons why our Anson brand is irreplaceable. We live our brand and are committed to it.

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