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    Binzhou Ao Hong Locks Co.,Ltd. was established since 2008.Our principle are concerns customer-focused, good quality,high technology progress and excellent management. With hard working over 10 years, we become a big factory which have hundreds of stuff from a small work shop. We are specializing in all kinds of security seals like Digital Seals, Plastic Seals, Sealing wire, Sealing Pliers, Pull-tight Cable Seals, Padlock Seals, Tanker Seals, Container Seals, Truck Seals, Trailer Seals, Oil Seals, Bolt Seals, Cable Seals, Lead Seals,High quality padlocks and so on. We become a manufacturer intagrating R&D, Design, Manufacturing and Seals.
Our mainly products are fastness, Anti-high Temperature, Antiseptic performance, easy for locking with competitive price. They are widely used in meters, power supply, air feed, water supply war industry, oil transmission, mine, post, custom, railroad, finance, foreign trade commdity test. Trusted by the majority of users for many years.

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Location: Shandong·Binzhou
Address: Town western industrial park,Wudi Town,Binzhou City,Shandong Province
Contact person: Linda Niu
TEL 0086-13954369541
Website: http://www.thechinamade.com/uhome-1880
Register Date: 2019-03-19
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